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Tony L. Bertodatto

Anthony Bertodatto began working with Gjerset & Lorenz, LLP in 2009.  Mr. Bertodatto focuses on assisting attorneys by providing analytical support to clients participating in government reimbursement programs.  Mr. Bertodatto has reimbursement experience in numerous states and provides client-specific analysis and state-specific knowledge for several government reimbursement programs.  As a result of his experience, Mr. Bertodatto has been able to successfully assist clients on financial and operational matters as well as compliance-related issues.  Furthermore, he has assisted multiple clients in the mitigation of millions of dollars in inappropriate recoupments.

Mr. Bertodatto has:

  • Models the impact of state and federal legislative and regulatory changes regarding Medicaid reimbursement.
  • Prepares audit support demonstrating the actual costs incurred and works with regulatory agencies and their independent contractors to mitigate clients’ payment recoupment liability.
  • Handles analysis of and assists with modeling local and state tax programs, specifically, the impact on various hospitals while maintaining the purpose of solidifying the healthcare safety-net.
  • Analyzed the impact of redistribution of all DSH funds upon audit by South Carolina’s State contractor and projected the impact of redistribution for future years.
  • Helps hospitals determine the program qualification and reimbursement impact of both consolidating and separating hospital provider numbers.
  • Assesses Medicaid DSH cap projections and current UPL entitlements to ensure clients receive their entitlement within statewide aggregate limits.
  • Determines the impact to different hospital provider classes of alternative supplemental reimbursement allocation methodologies to support advocacy and compliance efforts.
  • Assists in the modeling of Medicaid Managed Care payment streams based on state-provided actuarial data.


  • Central Michigan University, Bachelor of Business Administration,  2008