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It all began in June 1998, when the founders, Jim Gjerset and Shauna Lorenz, decided to hang their own shingle in a 900 square foot office space at Gaines Ranch.  With the longhorns bellowing in the background of conference calls, Gjerset & Lorenz quickly established a reputation for outstanding advice and superior results.  During its first 25 years, Gjerset & Lorenz grew from 2 to 50 people, all committed to provide the highest caliber service to the most sophisticated healthcare clients in the country.

Exclusive Focus on the Healthcare Industry

Gjerset & Lorenz, LLP is dedicated to the representation of healthcare providers.  By placing our attention on the legal, regulatory, and financial issues surrounding the healthcare industry, Gjerset and Lorenz is able to provide effective, results-oriented representation for our clients. 

We help healthcare providers in all facets of their operations.  Although the laws and regulations that govern healthcare are complex and multilayered, we maintain a detailed understanding of the healthcare delivery industry and reimbursement systems.  Not only do we know which rules are currently in play, but we also watch closely when changes are proposed. Our proactive approach to predicting and implementing responses to these policy changes allows our clients to leverage current and pending laws and regulations to their best advantage.

The attorneys at Gjerset & Lorenz represent hospitals and other healthcare providers in all issues related to their participation in governmental and private reimbursement programs and their receipt of reimbursement under these programs.  Gjerset & Lorenz provides counsel and advice to healthcare organizations in complying with existing regulations, understanding the direct and indirect impact of regulatory and programmatic changes, projecting, analyzing and advocating for or against reimbursement changes and their direct and indirect effects, preparing the documentation necessary to continue providers’ participation in healthcare programs, and other issues related to program reimbursement and participation. 

Prompt, Individualized Attention

We maintain direct client-attorney contact and strive to provide the prompt, individualized attention our clients need. Our size allows us to foster ongoing relationships with clients and respond nimbly to their needs, without hampering our ability to efficiently handle large and complex matters.  Whether our client is a small rural hospital or a national hospital corporation, the attorneys at Gjerset & Lorenz offer tailored support and guidance.