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The attorneys at Gjerset & Lorenz, LLP embody several guiding principles in their work.

Continual Improvement

Few areas of law are as complex and rapidly-changing as the field of health law. Healthcare statutes, regulations, and rules arise from a wide range of sources including local, state, and federal government agencies and independent accrediting bodies. Gjerset & Lorenz’s attorneys believe we are only as good as our last success on behalf of a client. We understand the health law field never stands still.  As a result, we challenge ourselves to continually learn and improve in order to provide the outstanding representation our clients expect. This commitment deepens and broadens our knowledge of the law, and allows us to provide responsive, comprehensive solutions to an expansive range of health law issues.

A Proactive Approach

Gjerset & Lorenz ensures our clients meet current regulatory and other standards and offers proactive responses to upcoming changes in the health law field. Our team anticipates and understands the issues our clients will face in the future and helps them prepare to meet these challenges in both the short term and long term. This approach minimizes disruption in patient care, facility operations, and financial health.


Gjerset & Lorenz is a boutique firm that thrives on direct client contact and collaboration that fosters a sense of partnership with our clients. Our years of experience in health law have taught us that no two providers are alike. While the same laws and regulations may apply to all providers, an individualized approach to complying with those laws ensures that each client can guide its own productivity, growth, and quality of care.

We focus on building long-term, service-oriented relationships with each of our clients. Whether a client seeks guidance on a straightforward question or a complex multi-issue problem, we strive to provide outstanding representation with creative, workable solutions.

At the Intersection of Business and Law

The complexities surrounding the health law field pose unique challenges for providers in an industry with ever-shrinking bottom lines. When we create solutions for our clients, we seek turn-key systems that work to meet our clients’ business goals and fit within the bounds of all applicable regulations. Several of our professionals have a background in business in addition to their legal education and experience.  This combination allows our firm to provide sound legal representation that responds nimbly to current business realities.