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Caritas of Austin - Caritas of Austin seeks to end homelessness in Austin through providing housing, food, education, and job placement to families and individuals who lose stable housing.  

Jeremiah Program - The Jeremiah Program helps single-mothers and their children escape poverty and achieve independence through education and housing support. The Jeremiah program seeks to make college accessible for single mothers and provides educational opportunities for their children.

Lifeworks - Lifeworks is an Austin-based charity dedicated to providing housing, counseling, and education for youths and families experiencing homelessness. Lifeworks is dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness and helping young people achieve independence and fulfil their potential.

Mobile Loaves and Fishes - Mobile Loaves and Fishes works year-round to deliver food and life-sustaining products to homeless and low-income residents of Austin, Texas. Mobile Loaves and Fishes also provides community programs and enterprise opportunities to help lift more Austinites out of homelessness and to achieve independence.

Salvation Army Austin - Salvation Army Austin combats poverty in Central Texas by offering shelter, food, and support services to people experiencing homelessness. Salvation Army Austin is also dedicated to helping communities and governments respond to natural disasters.