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Gjerset & Lorenz serves clients through collaboration and a dedication to continued learning. We are always seeking outstanding team members with diverse backgrounds to complement our strengths.


Gjerset & Lorenz attorneys focus on providing top-quality representation in the healthcare field. However, not everyone comes to Gjerset & Lorenz from the field of healthcare. We do not require a background in healthcare, but we do require our team members to share our commitment to professional excellence.

Gjerset & Lorenz is a small firm, and as such, we place a premium on creativity, teamwork, and continued development. Our team members support, encourage, and rely on each other.  An individual wishing to join our firm must be committed to embracing a team-oriented, forward-thinking, challenging atmosphere.

Professional Development

We recognize our team members are our most valuable resource, and we are committed to providing the training and professional development needed to succeed. In lieu of formal annual evaluations, team members at Gjerset & Lorenz receive ongoing feedback about their performance throughout the year and as needed.

Our team members have opportunities to work in all areas of our firm’s practice.  This comprehensive approach fosters a thorough understanding of the fundamental legal and business issues our clients face. It also exposes everyone to a broad base of knowledge from which to draw inspiration as they work to solve future issues, plan their future learning and engage in their professional development.

Compensation and Advancement

Gjerset & Lorenz offers highly-competitive salaries and benefits. Our benefits package includes a substantial 401(K) matching plan, a student loan repayment program, and health and disability insurance. Annual bonuses are tied to quality, client input, productivity, accomplishments, and contribution to the firm. Our team works hard and is rewarded commensurately.

Gjerset & Lorenz encourages all team members to strive for advancement. We are committed to developing the professional abilities and knowledge of each team member. Partnership eligibility, for attorneys, and vice president status, for other professionals, is based on a team member’s actual accomplishments, not a lockstep system.  To be considered for these positions, a team member must consistently demonstrate:

  • A high degree of expertise
  • An ability to work independently and manage multiple ongoing projects
  • A commitment to clients
  • Exceptional initiative
  • An ability to work effectively with professionals, staff and clients
  • High productivity

How to Apply

To apply for an associate position, please send a cover letter, resume, transcript, and writing sample to Shauna Lorenz at or by mail to our Austin office.