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J. Eric Lambeth, MD

Dr. Lambeth provides invaluable consulting services regarding the clinical components of various Medicaid reimbursement programs that contain a population health or care quality component. Dr. Lambeth is a licensed physician that specializes in internal medicine and has over 35 years of experience in the medical field. Dr Lambeth did his undergraduate work at Texas A&M and attended the University of Texas in Houston for his medical degree.  Dr. Lambeth’s internal medicine residency was at Brackenridge Hospital.  He began his career in Beverly Hills, California working at Cedars Sinai Hospital and Century City Hospital, as well as UCLA.  When his partner retired, he returned to Austin, where he has been in private practice with several partners for the last 25 years.  He serves on the medical executive committee and is chairman of the pharmacy and therapeutics committee at St Davids Hospital in Austin. Dr. Lambeth provides consultation services regarding the following:

Quality Incentive Programs

  • Work collaboratively with state stakeholders to design state-specific Medicaid quality improvement programs.
  • Work with the state Medicaid agencies to submit programs to CMS for approval.
  • Work with participants to implement approved programs and achieve stated quality goals, including:
    • Identifying opportunities for improvement on select healthcare quality measures
    • Designing a pathway to improve the selected quality measures
  • Work with participants to complete audits of prior reporting.