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Austin Pets Alive - Austin Pets Alive is a shelter dedicated to saving animals at risk of euthanasia. Austin Pets Alive helps care for vulnerable animals and connects pets to homes which can adopt, foster, and support them.

Friends of Austin Animal Center - Friends of Austin Animal Shelter makes rescuing animals easier by making veterinary care and support services available to more families throughout Austin. Friends of Austin Animal Center believes lowering barriers to adoption is necessary to save more animals from euthanasia and to connect more animals with loving homes.

Friends of Paws in Prison, Inc.   - Friends of Paws in Prison, Inc. supports the continued efforts of the Paws in Prison Program. Paws in Prison gives inmates in the Lockhart, Texas women’s prison a chance to train and rescue shelter dogs for adoption. Inmates have opportunities for enrichment by helping animals in need, and the dogs are taught the obedience and social skills needed to transition out of shelters and into loving homes. 

Living Grace Canine Ranch - Living Grace Canine Ranch is a senior dog sanctuary providing a supportive and permanent home for displaced, unadoptable, or unwanted senior dogs regardless of breed, medical needs, or emotional challenges.