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Few areas of law are more complex than healthcare regulation. Complying with multilayered local, state, and federal regulations consumes significant time and energy and often represents a significant barrier to hospitals’ abilities to meet business objectives.  At Gjerset & Lorenz, LLP, we recognize compliance requirements need to be integrated with practical business solutions. 

With decades of experience in healthcare law, Gjerset & Lorenz attorneys understand the nuances of healthcare regulation.  Whether issues arise in ongoing operations, reimbursement, business transactions, or other areas, we know the field and we are ready to respond.  Our thorough, innovative approach enables us to efficiently navigate regulatory hurdles, resolving matters before they become major disruptions in the crucial care our clients provide.

We assist our clients to continuously meet regulatory requirements by:

  • Monitoring local, state, and federal initiatives, predicting how these initiatives will affect their business, and providing each client with a tailored response to proactively respond.
  • Staying up to date on judicial and administrative decisions that impact healthcare operations, and advising our clients promptly when a decision will affect their current or future planned operations.
  • Building solutions that minimize risk in the face of rapidly changing regulations.
  • Providing the legal information our clients need to make day-to-day business decisions within the bounds of the law.
  • Helping clients create policies, procedures, and quality assurance programs that ensure their continued compliance with applicable regulations and agency guidance.

A Proactive Approach

Gjerset & Lorenz lawyers make it a priority to prevent regulatory problems before they arise.  We work with clients to create and implement compliance plans, programs, and training, as well as to conduct and analyze the results of internal audits and investigations.  We also consult with clients on potential areas of concern such as suspected violations, fraud or abuse.  This allows clients to analyze and correct problems before a third-party inquiry arises. Throughout these processes, our goal is to provide counsel that ensures our clients weather any changes in healthcare regulation with minimal disruption to their day-to-day ability to provide patient care.

Regulatory Compliance Services 

Areas in which we provide advice and analysis to meet clients’ regulatory needs include:

  • Medicare and Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital program participation and funding;
  • Uninsured and bad debt identification and reporting;
  • Trauma funding requirements;
  • Patient admission, discharge, and transfer, including EMTALA requirements;
  • False Claims Act, Anti-Kickback, and Stark law compliance;
  • Antitrust law compliance;
  • Patient confidentiality, including HIPAA and HITECH Act compliance;
  • Joint Commission accreditation and facility licensure;
  • Peer review limitations;
  • Fulfilling non-profit community benefit and charity obligations; and
  • Charity care policy compliance.